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Do you dream of soft, clean carpets and improved air quality?
Your home is your sanctuary, where you want to step on clean carpets and breathe easy. Take control of your family's health and comfort now. Minimize the build-up of dust, debris and bad smells. Your satisfaction is our focus.

You'll be floored!
There's nothing worse than dirty carpets and furniture from preventing you from relaxing in your space. Schedule your appointment with us today and let our trained professional team come in and make your house feel like home again.

Carpet Cleaning Findlay, Ohio
You and your family deserve first-class cleaning services:

  • Stain and odor removal - Get rid of stains and bad smells, and more
  • Upholstery cleaning - Deep cleaning of furniture, car seats and more
  • Carpet cleaning - Stain removal, stain guarding and more

    Give yourself a breather and enjoy a fresh-smelling home or business! Call 419-348-1806 today.

  • Carpet Cleaning Findlay, Ohio
    Let Eagle One Carpet Cleaning excise stains and odors from your carpets and furnishings!
    It's a fact of life: stains, spills and accidents happen. A lived-in home needs upkeep. Time, children and pets guarantee you'll need to refresh carpeting. Trust us to remove the most stubborn stains and offending odors. We'll take care of it all.

    We produce spotless results for you!
    Time is of the essence. The sooner a stain is treated, the better the outcome. We also have successfully eradicated years-old stains and odors like magic! As well as deep cleaning, we suggest you follow through with coating options that are safe for your family and pets, and will prolong the life of your furniture and carpeting.

    Don't strain yourself - leave the work to us:

  • Deep-cleaning services
  • Water damage restoration
  • Residue removal
  • Odor control
  • The personal touch of an expert who cares

    Tired of blocking your nose and watching your step? Call 419-348-1806.

  • You can turn that annoying spot or spill into a cleaning wonder!
    We know you want to keep your carpets, furniture and car seats in prime condition. Sometimes accidents happen though, and when they do, we can rush to your rescue to get them back to their original prime condition. Call us - we make spots vanish!
    Carpet Cleaning Findlay, Ohio
    You need our help, so act quickly!
    With our professional services, almost any spot, spill or stain can be removed. Here are some pointers on what to do in the interim:

  • Use clean white towels and blot the stain
  • Apply the appropriate spot remover as directed for each type of stain
  • Always work toward the center of the spot
  • Repeat steps if necessary, and always blot between steps with a clean white towel
  • Always do a spot removal test on a portion of carpet that is normally not visible
  • Never use bleach

    Remember, these tips are suggested treatments only.

    We'll make sure your stains don't turn into pains! We treat:

  • Paint
  • Ink
  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Coffee
  • Grease and more

    Whether it's the car or the couch, at home or work, call 419-348-1806 to get it cleaned.

  • Sink your feet into sanitized carpets - they'll look great and last longer!
    Kick off your shoes and enjoy your carpets again. After we've left our mark, stains and odors will be history. Our expertise removes grit and grime. Eagle One Carpet Cleaning's service ensures you and your family will relish your freshly cleaned carpets.

    You save when you extend the life of your carpeting and rugs.
    Your area rugs and carpeting most likely cost you a pretty penny. There's no better way to make certain that your Berber stays handsome than with a thorough cleaning at least once a year. We also offer you stain-guard services that will keep your carpeting and valued rugs in pristine condition for years to come.

    We can zap those stains for you now:

  • Stain and odor removal
  • Deep cleaning
  • Coating protection, safe for the entire family, including pets
  • Serving residential and commercial customers

    You'll enjoy sanitized, great smelling carpets every day when you call 419-348-1806.

    Carpet Cleaning Findlay, Ohio

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